Detox Not Botox

Did you know that you can easily slow down the ageing process and unleash tons of energy with easy but powerful lifestyle changes that reduce toxicity in your body?

Here’s the logic:
• Toxins and stress produce free radicals
• Free radicals are the culprit of ageing
• Antioxidants neutralise free radicals

Simple as that!

Here’s the plan:

  1. We will gradually reduce the acid forming foods and drinks that cause inflammation and introduce plenty of antioxidants to support detoxification
  2. We will learn simple techniques to de-stress, remove anxiety and sleep better
  3. We will move our bodies, stretch and breathe deeply
  4. We will cook together delicious and nutritious meals
  5. Most importantly WE WILL HAVE FUN!
Join me in this gradual cleanse that will renew all the cells in your body, make your mind crystal clear and unleash the powerhouse of energy within you

3 DAYS PRE-DETOX (5th-8th May) FREE!

NOTE: You will learn all that you need to know about detox on the three days FREE sessions, so you can continue the detox by yourself!
You will keep the fully illustrated guide and educational material to use it and re-use it any time you need it

Or you can choose to stay on the 7 days guided detox program 9th-15th May (that you can join at a 80% off launch price after completing the pre-detox)